September 16, 2018

Hi guys,

Wow. It's been a while - you know what they say though - time flies when you're having fun! Since my last blog I've graduated from the University of Brighton, visited 4 countries and started a new job! It's been an amazing summer, during which my love and passion for sustainability has continued to grow.  So, I thought it would be a good place to start to share with you some of the different things I've read, seen and listened to during that time. Within this blog I cover areas that may interest to anyone that wants to know more about sustainability including topics such as waste/landfill, fashion and a government campaign, Love Not Landfill (that I have the pleasure to be working on).



Waste is a massive issue and one that is not about to improve or away easily but with small and conscious effort on a wide scale we can make a big difference.


A documentary that I saw on the BBC recently called, The Secret life of Landfill: A rubbish history, highlighted just how long (if ever) the things we no longer want take to degrade. Items such as pottery, clothes and glass were still there decades after they been buried. It’s crazy to think that what I throw away, if not recycled properly, could still be around releasing co2 well after my generation and the generation after that! But, it’s not all zoom and gloom. We are slowly but surely becoming more and more aware of how our actions effect the world around us and through effort, a change in perspective and new technology, we are learning and will continue to learn more about how to improve things for the future.  

Watch it here




There have been a number of great articles in the news as of late that I have found really informative, inspiring and important to read, a few of which I’ve listed below. 

  • Fashion Revolution realised a new fanzine. Full of information and inspiring people working towards a fair and circular fashion industry. Buy for £9 here

  • Love Not Landfill launch clothes banks across London. Read more

  • Timberland release boots made from plastic bottles picked up from the beaches of Hatti! Read more

  • Compostable and edible packaging: the companies waging war on plastic. Read more

  • We're running out of landfill and Brexit could make it worse, says new report. Read more



Having started a new job that involves commuting I’ve started to listen to a few podcasts to keep me entertained.

  • Clare Press - Wardrobe Crisis. From Vera’s Sebastian Kopp, Fashion Revolutions Sarah Ditty and Vestiaire’s Fanny Moizant, this podcast is FULL of all the good stuff! Vestiaire Collective is an app that allows you buy and sell high quality second-hand items. From designer to hughstreet brands it only lists this of high quality and in good condition. The app is clear and easy to use! Visit the website here

  • Sustainability defined on Spotify. This podcast is amazing and gives an overview of lots of different areas of sustainability including: Biodegradable products, sustainable Tourism and reversing global warming, the list goes on.. There are currently 35 episodes to listen to!



These are a few products that I’ve come across in the news recently that you may be interested to know exist!

  • Know the origin held a pop up in Old street station with over 30 other ethical brands present! Head over to their website to see just how great their brand is for yourself here

  • Clare Press releases new book: Rise & Resist - How to change the world. This is one of my birthday pressies - you can pre order it now but it’s not out until 1st October! My sister has ordered this for my birthday present and I can’t wait!
    Pre order for £25.50 here

  • Reebok launch sustainable shoes made from cotton and corn. Read more

  • Plastic Freedom is a website that lets you do just that - shop free from plastic. It has everything from beauty products to kitchen utensils! Visit the site here.


    As ever, thanks for taking the time to read this if you have and please let me know if there is anything in particular you'd like me to look into/share with you.


    Love of lots,

    O x








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