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May 16, 2018

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This weeks chosen 'in the news' articles are:


FAST FASHION: What Is Worth?

"Find out how much work goes into your clothes, and when to buy. Could pay-what-you-want be the answer?' This is a really interesting article that covers how we determine what 'worth' is and to define it.

Full article here


Take Your Tupperware Container To The Supermarket: Morrisons Unveils Plan Cut Plastic Waste

"Morrisons has also pledged to phase out the use of black plastic trays by 2019, which are currently used for fresh meat and fish and can’t be recycled; they will be replaced by recyclable alternatives." This is such a wi-win situation: it's great for businesses (I am definitely more likely to shop there now) and great for the planet!

Full article here


Trending: #BusinessCase, Innovations Grow for Sustainable Fashion; Waste Ban Looms

It is estimated that "around one-third of the fashion industry has yet to take any action on environmental and social performance." Within this article you have access to the The Pulse of the Fashion Industry report which goes onto detail on business social and environmental performances. From the report it seems that although there is still a lot to be done, change is coming! 

Full article here


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