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April 25, 2018

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This weeks chosen 'in the news' stories are: 


Is it easier or harder to live without plastic than 10 years ago?

Well, it seems that it may not be although change is approaching - Christine suggests that in the next decade, the answer could be yes.

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Although there is a long way to go before we really know 'who made my clothes' it seems that brands are starting to become more transparent:

It seems that Primark and Asos are among the top brands that have increased this aspect of the business, however this increase is largely due to these brands publishing their supplier lists either for the first time or with much greater detail.

Full article here




The Young Designers Pioneering A Sustainable Fashion Revolution:

1. Richard Malone: he collaborates with a collective of female weavers in Tamil Odu, India; uses natural dyes and little water waste and has developed techniques which turned recycled plastic and viscose into yarn and fringing.


2. Le Kilt: Samantha McCoach founder explains how she wants to inject a sense of appreciation for clothes - the number of hands used, the amount of time spent and where the raw materials have come from.


3. Elliss: Has a focus on reducing her carbon footprint by designing and manufacturing in East London, and using materials such as organic cotton and recycled polyester.

Full article here


The Future of Sustainable Fashion: Mushroom Leather and Synthetic Spider Silk:

A California-based company is finding novel applications for both mushrooms and spider silk by developing ecologically friendly textiles. If all goes well, the company, Bolt Threads, will soon be providing entirely news kinds of apparel for the 21st century.

Full article here





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