Hey and welcome to the website! 


So as you’ve clicked on the about tab I’m guessing that means you’d like to know who/what Shop Shaw is about!


Well, firstly my name is Olivia and Shop Shaw is the result of the need to produce a final major project during my last year at The University of Brighton and was inspired by an amazing trip to Asia in the summer of 2017!


In a nutshell, I came back from Asia having witnessed first hand what the fashion industry is doing to 3rd world countries with a very negative view of the industry that I had spent so long adoring. Determined to not waste all the time I had spent both studying and investing in it, I decided that I wanted to become a much more conscious consumer and thus started on my mission to shop shaw (sure).


Frustrated with the difficulty I faced when trying to find products on the high street that were at least in some way positive, I decided that there needs to be a platform to provide this. A platform that connects to those in a similar position to me - someone that cares enough to try but isn’t yet (and to be frank, may never be) in a place in their life to fully commit to a full zero-waste lifestyle.


For me, it's all about #smallshawsteps.




It's about doing what you can, wherever you are, with what you have.




Let me know if there is anything you want to see/hear about. I'm always looking for new, ethical brands to talk about!

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